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Why Buy From Us?

Like all births, the birth of Mauricettes (🗣 Marie Sets) was deeply personal for our husband and wife founders. One of our founder's battles with extreme chronic pain made us aware of how important taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally really Is.

As a family, we adopted a lifestyle where we started to put ourselves first each and every day. We paid attention to what worked like getting the proper amount of sleep and focused on that instead of the latest marketing fads.

We knew that we had to make this a habit and looked for ways to make our health a priority while making sure it became a habit that stuck. We wanted to find a solution to ensure that we started with the basics of taking our vitamins and then evolving into further healthier choices and actions.

Like you, trying to stay on top of your health, our founders faced the difficult dilemma of trying to find the right products that actually provided results and making sure that the product is as close to natural as possible.

You shouldn’t have to feel like solving your family's wellness problem is a lose-lose situation, so we created a win-win: Mauricettes Vitamins, the vitamins that work for kids and adults.

Combining healthy, safe ingredients, our formulas promote natural health and wellness. Our products are only made with the best clean, recognizable ingredients we can find.

One of the biggest critiques we hear about vitamins centers around taste and texture issues. Kids and adults say they taste terrible, or that chewable vitamins are chalky, or that gummy vitamins are rubbery.

We’ve mastered these issues, but even If you or your family has issues, we stand by our products 110% and offer a results or satisfaction guarantee no questions asked. We want to ensure that your happiness is guaranteed and we will do what is needed to meet those demands.

From our family to yours, we’re delivering established, widely used natural remedies that improve your family's health with ingredients that we’d feel confident giving our own family.

So join our family today…

Avec Amour! (with love),
The Mauricettes Team